Introduction and Overview

Well, again, beloved, thank you for the time and the opportunity to come and to share with you in what I am calling a supplemental super mini course on the Azusa Street Revival. And I know that you have been looking at this particular chapter in our church's history over the course of the last month. And I appreciate your attention to this most important, pivotal, and crucial event that has taken place in the life of the church. And I wanted to add to and supplement your understanding of the same. And as always, it is my hope and my prayer that either something said and or done or shared with you will not only

  • extend and expand your understanding and appreciation of this portion of church history, but will give you an insight and a greater in-depth understanding of just how pivotal these particular moments at the turn of the 20th century were for the church in general, but for those of us who call ourselves a part of the Baptist coastal tradition, how particularly important it is for us as well. With your permission, I would like to proceed. With your permission, I would like to proceed.

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