• "Sacred Roots: Exploring Black History through the Lens of the Black Church"

"Sacred Roots: Exploring Black History through the Lens of the Black Church"



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About "Sacred Roots: Exploring Black History through the Lens of the Black Church"

Course Summary

"Sacred Roots" is a comprehensive exploration of the intertwined narratives of Black history and the Black Church. This course delves into the pivotal role that the Black Church has played in shaping the African American experience, identity, and struggle for liberation. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will examine historical, sociological, theological, and cultural perspectives to gain a deep understanding of the dynamic relationship between Black history and the Black Church.

Course Description

From the spiritual fortitude of enslaved ancestors to the bold leadership of civil rights icons, "Sacred Roots" illuminates the indelible mark of the Black Church on the landscape of American society. Through critical analysis and reflection, students will explore key historical moments, theological frameworks, and socio-political movements that have shaped the ethos of the Black Church and its enduring commitment to justice and equality.
Drawing on a diverse array of primary sources, scholarly texts, and multimedia resources, students will engage with the voices and narratives that have defined the Black Church experience. Through dynamic lectures, interactive discussions, and experiential learning opportunities, we will cultivate a deeper understanding of the complex intersections of race, religion, and power in America.

As we journey through the contours of Black history and the Black Church, students will emerge with a heightened awareness of the profound impact of faith and community on the quest for freedom and dignity. "Sacred Roots" equips students with the knowledge, empathy, and critical thinking skills necessary to confront contemporary challenges and contribute meaningfully to ongoing conversations around race, religion, and social justice.Join us as we uncover the sacred roots that bind together the story of Black America and the enduring legacy of the Black Church.

Introduction Study Notes

I call you my Bishop brother. Thank you so very much for this invitation. I'm honored to be here. I am, I think, happy to announce that I've gotten a promotion as a committed volunteer alumnus at Oberlin. I'm now vice chair of the board of trustees. Just a little bit more weight to carry in retirement.

And for all of you doing this very serious work of learning and growing in your spiritual gifts so that you can serve God and serve God's people, know that I will hold you in prayer. I have not been through the process, but I do understand it more fully than I could have ever imagined as a member of the Board of Ordained Ministries for the Greater New Jersey General Conference of the United Methodist Church. We're just about to launch our interviews and assessment of provisional and eldercandidates.

over the next four months. And so I will be listening to, I think, with our numbers, I will be listening to like 22 sermons, reading 22 Bible studies, doing 22 of everything that the candidates submit. So I understand the work that you are doing. And when I look at the weight of preparation for ministry in a serious way, I have been telling everybody, no one would do this work unless God asked them to, because telling everybody, no one would do this work unless God actually asked them to, because actually ask them to because it is serious, serious work.
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