• "Guardians of Grace: Exploring Stewardship in the Church"

"Guardians of Grace: Exploring Stewardship in the Church"



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About "Guardians of Grace: Exploring Stewardship in the Church"


Good morning, beloved. Andy Lewter here, and on behalf of the New Life School of Theology, I want to welcome you to the October edition of our monthly webinar that features faculty members and lecturers literally from around the country. I'm really excited about our guest today and what I know is going to be a phenomenal experience for you all. I do want to preserve the remainder of the time that we have today for our guest today. I have a couple things to say about him. Number one, he is a long-time friend and associate and those of you who are students that we have online today from the Westchester area. This is your Northern neighbor from Putnam County,

the city of Poughkeepsie. Dr. Jesse Bottoms is in my estimation, one of the greatest voices and thought leaders that we have in the body of Christ. He has served nationally with the National Baptist Convention in the Congress of Christian Education. He brings sterling credentials to us as a professor,

as an intellectual, as a scholar. He's pastor of the Bewlah Baptist Church at Tewksbury, New York. He also is the owner of a currently dormant online Bible college, Jubilee Bible College. When I began to make efforts of this sort that you're involved in available, he was one of the first, he was an early adopter. He was one of the first to adopt this platform

and this technology of an online Bible college. I've been after him for the last several years to actually activate his online Bible college. Maybe his experience with us today, beloved, will be the gentle push that he needs to pull the trigger and to activate his own Jubilee Bible college. But I want you to take a good look at the grave

on his hair, on his head as my own. And when I went to the Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church, that was over 40 years ago. We would spend Thursday afternoons, a group of preachers who were still in our 20s. At the time, we would get together and play basketball every week. And we would go to Poughkeepsie,

to the YMCA in Poughkeepsie, and Pastor Bottoms at the time then, would host us for our basketball expeditions there in Poughkeepsie. Now, both of us have gotten so great and so old that we don't do basketball anymore, but it's just good to remember where the Lord has brought us from.

And I'm just delighted. He is an expert in his niche, his stewardship. He has written several books. He owns a Christian bookstore. He's one of the most enterprising and entrepreneurial Christians that I know. He brings a tremendous amount of experience and talent and expertise to us today, so I want you to listen ever so carefully. At the close of this presentation, I will share with you the study questions for this month's webinar, all of which will be based upon the presentation that he shared with us today.

So, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, I am delighted to share with you the ministry and our webinar for the month of October 2022. Dr. Jesse Collins. God bless you, sir. God bless you, Bishop. Thank you much. Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I am absolutely delighted to be with you here today. At my age and stage, I'm trying to keep all the friends I have and make friends out of everybody that I meet. I thank Bishop Luther for his friendship down through the years. And we've been friends. And even now, by inviting me to be part of this is an indication that he does not hold the grudge against me because of how I used to beat up on him playing basketball. So, God, God bless your heart.

Thank you, Sarah, for the invitation to come and to share and to be with you today. mentored by, and everybody knows and respects, the scholarship, the commitment of Bishop Andy Luther. If Bishop Luther tells me that there's a cow giving golden milk, I'm going to get my bucket. He has that kind of credibility with me and with all those of us who know him. So as Chris Coleman would say when he was seeing them, let's get at it. Let's go get it. Let's go get it. Let's get at it.

Course Overview

"Guardians of Grace: Exploring Stewardship in the Church" is a comprehensive course designed to deepen participants' understanding of stewardship principles within the context of Christian faith communities. Through a blend of theological exploration, practical application, and experiential learning, participants will embark on a journey to discover the profound significance of stewardship in nurturing vibrant and faithful church communities.

Course Objectives

To examine biblical foundations of stewardship and its implications for contemporary church life.

To explore various dimensions of stewardship, including financial stewardship, time management, and care for creation.

To foster a deeper understanding of the connection between stewardship and discipleship, emphasizing the call to faithful living and service.

To equip participants with practical tools and strategies for promoting a culture of stewardship within their own congregations.

To cultivate a sense of gratitude and generosity as essential components of Christian stewardship practices.

Course Summary

By the end of the course, participants will emerge as informed and empowered guardians of grace, equipped to inspire and lead their congregations in embracing stewardship as a vital expression of Christian discipleship and community life.

About the Instructor
Dr. Jesse V. Bottoms

Pastor Jesse V. Bottoms is a revered figure within both the religious and organizational realms, known for his unwavering commitment to his faith and his expertise in church stewardship. Born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York, Bottoms found his calling early in life and dedicated himself to serving the community through his pastoral duties.

After completing his theological studies, Bottoms assumed leadership at the historic Beulah Baptist Church of Poughkeepsie, where he has since become a pillar of spiritual guidance and community outreach. Under his stewardship, the church has flourished, becoming a beacon of hope and support for the local residents.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Bottoms has also made significant contributions to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., rising to high-ranking officer positions within the organization. His strategic vision and leadership have helped shape the direction of the convention, earning him widespread respect and admiration among his peers.

However, it is Bottoms' expertise in the field of church stewardship that truly sets him apart. Through his effective teaching and guidance, he has empowered countless congregations to manage their resources wisely, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth. His practical insights and compassionate approach have made him a sought-after speaker and advisor on matters of financial stewardship within the church community.

Throughout his career, Pastor Jesse V. Bottoms has exemplified the values of integrity, compassion, and dedication, leaving an indelible mark on both his congregation and the broader religious community. His legacy of service and leadership continues to inspire and uplift all those who have had the privilege of knowing him.

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